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Our Projects

InterMUN Organization currently has 2 projects: Annual Online InterMUN Conference and MUN Glocalization Program. Both projects aims to empower teenagers through our most used technology: the Internet. We strive to use our joint forces to contribute to our society and make the world a better place.


Annual Online InterMUN Conference

InterMUN stands for International ☓ Internet Model United Nations, a whole new MUN experience created by a group of students from Taiwan, Indonesia, and the United States, who came together and created a network for students around the world to share their ideas through an online MUN conference. 


All funds of InterMUN is donated to World Vision Indonesia to help to Indonesian locals have better living standards. We believe this conference is how we as teenagers can contribute to current crises, through connectivity and inquisitive minds.


MUN Glocalization Program

InterMUN Glocalization Program is a free educational opportunity offered to students living in the rural parts of Taiwan.

In this program, every teenagers has access to immerse themselves in international affairs in order to improve their public speaking skills, acquire online research skills, and thus strengthen their core competencies.

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