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Delegate Registration

InterMUN 2023
Delegate Registration

       "a Physical International Model UN Conference in Taiwan in a decade"

         With the success of this event throughout the past three years, InterMUN endeavored to pioneer physical MUN and invited more people to join our crusade. InterMUN collaborates with NGOs and organizations worldwide to achieve social justice and share resources, forming the MUN globalization program, which allows high school and college students to teach English in remote Taiwanese areas. We aim to raise awareness and influence the international community by cooperating with countries worldwide. As for InterMUN's fourth year, we aim to bring elites from around the world together to contribute positively to society by holding a physical international conference in Taiwan in 2023.

Regular Registration:

  • Date: 4rd, June- 3rd, July, 2023

Fees will include the following:

  • A five-day full-time sessions experience in one of the best venues in Taipei, with snacks and water provided.

  • Three extraordinary social events during the five-day conference. Respectively Committee Dinner, Cultural Gala Night, and Farewell Party.

  • Committee Dinner will be in one of the “50 best discovery bars 2019”, Closet Taipei, which provides fantastic food to enjoy your first night in InterMUN. We will not charge additional for foods and beverages.

  • Cultural Gala Night will be held at HuaShan Cultural Park with performances and iconic f&b included. Diplomats and experts in distinctive fields will be invited for all to network. You can also apply to host a stand for our most fancy Cultural Gala Night. 

  • Farewell Party will be held at Taboo Club Taipei for delegates to dance their night out. We will not charge additional for beverages.

Delegate Fee: 

*International delegates are only allowed to transfer delegate fees with "Paypal"*

  • Single Delegation: Single Delegate fee $220 

  • Group Delegation:  $110 (for additional surcharge)

  • Faculty Advisor: Faculty Advisor fee $70 (Only for faculty/ institution/ club teachers or advisors, will not be assigned as delegates)

  • Head Delegate: Delegate fee $200 (Only for club presidents or head of the society/community, will be designated as one of the delegates)

    • Maximum to 8 delegates, including head delegate; if exceeded, please contact us.*

    • All groups will only be allowed with one Head delegate*

    • All group registrations will have to include at least one Head delegate or one Faculty advisor*


  •  For the group delegation in setting up Cultural Gala Night Stand: $110  will be refunded in cash after the approval of the proposal.


  • 日期:民國一百一十二年六月四日至民國一百一十二年七月三日



  • 會議場地將在『張榮發基金會國際會議廳』進行為期五天的會議,主辦方會提供點心和水。 

  • 三場精美且盛大的社交晚宴。分別是委員會晚宴、國際文化交流晚會和歡送派對。 

  • 委員會晚宴將在“2019年台灣50家最佳探索酒吧”之一台北餐酒館 Closet 舉行,為您提供精緻的餐點,讓您在正式議程開始之前與來自世界各地的代表交流。

  • 國際文化交流晚會將在華山文化園區的紅酒作業場舉行,其中包括台灣傳統表演和象徵台灣性的餐食。我們將邀請不同領域的外交官和專家讓你有機會與他們進行交流。除此之外,團報代表也可以在我們最精彩的文化晚會中申請攤位提供與會者不同之體驗。 

  • 歡送派對將在臺北知名的Taboo Club舉行,代表將在此用熱情的舞蹈劃下五天的會議的休止符。所有晚宴將不另收取費用。





  • 別報名費用 :

    • 單/雙代 : $6600/ 人


  • 團體報名費用:

    • 團報負責代表 + 指導老師 + 代表費用 + 團體報名費 : $6000 + $2100 + $6600* N+ $3300(N最大值:7人)

    • 團報負責代表 + 代表費用 + 團體報名費 : $6000 + $6600* N + $3300 (N最大值:7人)

    • 指導老師 + 代表費用 + 團體報名費 : $2100 + $6600*N + $3300(N最大值:8人)


  • 團報負責代表 : $6000(僅限社團社長、團體隊長,且需帶領團體一同報名,不可單獨報名。與一般代表一樣會有席次。)


  • 指導老師費用 : $2100 (僅限學校、社團正規指導老師。不會有會議席次,可在會議中進行旁聽)




** 所有團體報名需要至少有一位團報負責代表或指導老師。


** 一組團報至多8人(包含團報負責代表),如超過8人請聯絡我們。


** 所有團體報名只接受一位團報負責代表。


  • 費用折扣:

    • ​團報代表可申請在文化晚宴擺設國家文化性攤位;經活動部審核將允許擺攤,且在活動當天會以現金方式退款台幣3300元。


Chair Recruitment

Greetings applicants,

       InterMUN, a leading Taiwan Model United Nations organization committed to providing virtual conferences to students worldwide during this pandemic, is proud to announce that InterMUN 2023 will be a physical international conference in Taiwan. Meanwhile, a strong organizing team that manages everything behind the scenes and a professional academic team are essential to a successful Model UN conference.

           As we believe that chairs are one of the most essential elements to accomplish one conference's success, we would like you to fill out the application form with patience kindly. Should you have any questions regarding the application, please do not hesitate to send a query to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

InterMUN 2023 Conference Informations: ​

  • Conference Date:  6-10th August 2023

  • Conference Venue: Chang Yung-Fa Foundation (張榮發基金會國際會議中心), International Convention Center

  • Agenda: North American Procedure (WorldMUN based)

  • Conference Official Language: English 

  • Chair Application Deadline: 11th May 2023

  • Committees: Two English Committees


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through one of the following platforms:
Instagram: @intermun_ 
Facebook: InterMUN


Best Regards,

InterMUN 2023 Secretariat team

InterMUN 2023
Chair Application

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