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Committees Overview


The purpose of a Model UN conference is to simulate United Nations, international organizations, and government bodies; in other words, this activity is a student-educational activity where students play diplomats of their country and discuss international issues with peers who play representatives of their own country. Speaking, debating, proposing, and voting are all part of the process. A key objective of the conference is for participants to gain a deeper understanding of the positions, interests, and conflicts between the countries they represent within the political, economic, and diplomatic environments of the world.

A series of committee sessions is held during which InterMUN delegates are required to present draft legislation in response to the agenda of the committee in response to the issues that were raised. InterMUN's delegates strive to build consensus among nations with differing points of view and leverage their expertise and creativity to draft a resolution by the end of the conference.

As a result, InterMUN 2023 has allotted delegates, no matter how experienced or fresh they are, the opportunity to serve on two committees:

  • Beginner-level committee: The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)

  • Advanced level committee: The International Law Commission (ILC) and the General Assembly Sixth Committee (GA6 Legal)

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